What Makes Moto X Unique?

The thing about Moto X that would fascinate you does not only include the looks, and size but also numerous features and enhancements that will surprise you. It is offered with a great user experience along with features and other things that make it exceptionally good phone on the Android OS.

Let us find out more about it:


The first thing that you may notice about the Moto X is the size that seems to be similar as if you have seen it elsewhere. However, the design is something that stands out. This model is bigger than its predecessor that is now on par with other bigger sized phones. You will notice the difference when you attempt to hold it in your palm and find it hard to fit.

The form factor of Moto X is 5.5 x 2.9 in and is 5.1 oz that clearly indicates the device is lightweight. The screen size measures 5.2-inch that makes way for more apps on display than before. With AMOLED display, you will enjoy impressive screen display quality. This is a bit bigger than Galaxy S5 that measures 5.1-in in display and HTC One that has a 5-inch display panel. Other things too are impressive like the 423ppi along with video quality of 1080p that brings out beautiful colors and brilliant images. The texts look crispy and the screen is good to view regardless of being indoor or outdoor. The contrast and the color saturation is amazing too with darks better and deep. As far as camera quality goes you get the usual 13 MP back camera and 1.2 MP front facing camera. Camera settings are accessible with swiping functionality. You can make adjustments to images that include panorama pictures, resolution, and focus control.

Special Design

Now that you already know about the design there is another thing that would fascinate you is the ability to be able to customize it. Yes, you read it right; you can go online and customize the back of your Moto X as per your wish. However, the available choices that you have include wood backs (real wood), plastic back, and leather back that would require shelling out $25 extra. You can even choose to go for two tones like b/w front and go for 10 accent colors that will adorn the trim of your phone. Now, this does mean a lot when it comes to customizing your own device according to your preferences. The back of the phone is slightly sloped that makes it easy to hold and manage using just one hand. It is more like a dimple at the back of the phone that lets you hold it firmly without letting it slip by.

The speakers are located at the bottom of the device and the audio is loud that sounds great. You will never complain about poor audio quality rather you will enjoy listening to music even on full blast.


Now that you are familiar with the unique hardware and design, there is something to watch out for software as well. The Moto X runs on 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor that has a RAM of 2GB. This makes the device amazingly fast to perform any task effortlessly. You can easily go from moderate to heavy usage on this phone without bothering about performance. It would be easier to run it full day on single charge because of the massive 23000mAh battery power. The sad part is that it is not removable, so you need to be careful with it. However, the feature of turbo charging is unique about it that is another interesting thing to look out for. Interestingly, with this option, you would be able to run it for 8 hours and 15 minutes.

With 16GB storage space, you are given an expansion of 32GB that comes at an extra cost of $50.

The Moto Display feature helps in fetching notifications that flash on the screen. So, you would not miss any even while you are away, even when you pick your device up it will flash pending notifications as a reminder. You can swipe and decide the functionality that you want to apply to any notification.

Interestingly, the most amazing feature would be the air gesture that you perform to mute the phone. Just wave your hand above the device and mute it. Same can be done with the alarm.


This Motorola smartphone costs you $99 with AT&T contract and the unlocked version would cost you $500. The thin, light, stylish and attractive looks will have you fascinated. The clean UI and intuitive software is definitely unique to this phone. The only thing that would irk you are no wireless charging and lack of proper camera app features. Other things stay true to its uniqueness.

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