Crockpot Cooking For The Single Mom

Crockpot cooking is one of the most under-utilized techniques available to help today’s single mothers. Life can be pretty hectic for the single mother on any and every given day. There are lots of things to do and take care of. One of those of course is figuring out “what’s for dinner”.


Unfortunately many times the answer to that becomes fast food. Of course we all know that fast food is not the healthy answer for any of us. And even though single moms are well aware that it is a bad path to take for their children, there just isn’t enough time available to fix healthy dinners they will like every night. Or is there?


Not only can the preparation of a healthy dinner be pretty easy to prepare it can be tailored to the types of dinners your children will like. Plus it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Although a couple bucks here and a couple bucks there to pick up fast food doesn’t seem like much when you are in a hurry it can add up to some very expensive eating over the course of a year.

Not only can you prepare some really good meals ahead of time using Crockpot cooking but it will save you money. And not only can it save you money on the original meal, but it can save you money for the left-over’s it can provide.


Spend a little time planning out some basic menus that you and the kids like. How about homemade chicken soup, or beef stew? Crockpot lasagna? Did you know that you can use your Crockpot to make an amazing rotisserie style chicken?

There are dozens of great dinners you can make with a little ground beef and different types of beans or pastas. As well as some hearty chicken chili. How about some minestrone Soup? There are hundreds if not thousands of free Crockpot recipes all over the internet.

Remember also that you decide what you put in your dishes. One of the greatest things you can do here is use a few more herbs or salt-free substitutes for flavor. Almost everything you buy already prepared has way too much salt in it for anyone. You can also switch up flavors. Try using some chicken stock in basically beef recipes or beef stock in basically chicken recipes.


You can make these dishes simply by spending a couple hours once a week setting up your menu, chopping, cutting and freezing the mixed basics that can be used in several different dishes. Then it’s just a matter of putting them together in your Crockpot the night before which only takes a couple of minutes and then pulling the Crockpot out of the refrigerator the next morning and putting it on a slow cook during the day.

When you and the kids get home and are ready for dinner, there it is. Hot, done and ready for your families dinner table.


Do yourself a favor and check out some of the wonderful and inexpensive Crockpot stoneware available today. You will be surprised at the quality and price of one of the most overlooked, forgotten and underutilized accessories you can have in your kitchen.

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