Guide to Small Business Loan Interest Rates

If you are starting your own business and do not have enough start up cash to do so, a small business loan can be very useful. However, whenever we think of applying for loans we think of banks and financial institutions. It is true that loans taken from these banks have sound legal formalities. But sometimes these small business loan interest rates can be difficult to repay. Most of the time the novice entrepreneur fails to pay the regular monthly installments. This mainly happens because a business that has just started is less likely to be able to generate adequate revenue to be able to afford such high payment rates for these small business loan interest rates. When a business is unable to pay the installments due on these loans, it will results in negative publicity of the company in the market and even bankruptcy in extreme cases. Also, borrowers end up taking more loans in order to pay off these unpaid ones. This gives rise to a vicious cycle of bad debts.

Other than the high interest rates, the security that is sometimes demanded by regular banking companies is hard to meet. Unless you already have immense personal wealth it is possible to provide for collateral that is worthy of securing the business loan. In that case applying for the loan would not have been essential.

Small business loans are useful for initial capital formation of the company. Investments in physical space, infrastructure, stationery, wage payments, and other rents are also taken care of by these loans. Most of the time a new business does not have enough market experience to be able to boast off sufficient success under its name. Therefore, when banks and other financial institutions ask for profit returns and revenue details there is not much that these companies can come up with. However, these lending institutions do base their choice of borrowers based on business history. But for small businesses, this history is mostly very brief and devoid of much glory.

In such cases, you have the option of approaching the unofficial lenders in the market. They are no different from Shakespeare’s Shylock, except maybe the pound of flesh repayment medium! But seriously, these moneylenders usually have reasonable rates of interest and adjustable repayment plans. These loans also most often don’t require any collateral deposit or proof of credit history. You do not have to prove your worth by submitting your tax returns and business plans. Other than a few simple documentation procedures, these loans are much more borrower-friendly.

If you are looking for small business loan interest rates that are the lowest, beware of the terms and conditions that come with them at the same time. Banks do offer easy loans to small businesses, but most of the time they have unreasonable “conditions apply”. These short-term business loans may boast of the lowest interest rates on these loans, but the terms attached to them prove more of a liability to the borrower, which most often tends to overshadow the benefits of the loan itself.

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Horse Racing – Field Size and Betting

A recent research by Stats Jockey Club, which was established in 1894, shows that the horse racing field size has a direct impact on how people bet. The Jockey club is an organization that seeks to improve breeding and thoroughbred racing. Among all the other statistics, the field size statistics in connection to betting were alarming. Nowadays, the field size in the race tracks has considerably reduced. The fields no longer have as many horses, as it was some two decades ago. The average field size in 2010 had 8.19 horses as compared to 9.07 horses per field in 1950. The drop in field size may seem insignificant. However, for every extra horse that enters a horse racing field, there is a $100,000 increase in the average handle.

This is significant because the handle directly affects the purses in that, the purses increase with elevating handle. The purses have a direct connection to the urge of horse owners to breed more horses. Larger purses incur more thorough breeding. Consequently, more horses are bred hence a reflected increase in number of the field size. This is, therefore, a huge circle that is particularly vital to the horse racing industry. This is the circle within which betting is based on. For most people, betting is what makes this equestrian sport worthwhile. It simply wouldn’t be fun without betting. It has been proven, especially in Triple Crown and Breeder’s cup races, that the larger the field size, the more the betting. The more spread out the field is, the higher the chances that people will bet on some of the extra horses to make profits, which many end up losing.

The main reason for the fields decrease is the unwillingness of horse lovers to buy or breed and train horses. Even those who are already horse owners are reluctant in training their horses for distinct races. Moreover, horses have become more prone to health complications as compared to the past. In 1960 horses raced at 11.3 times per year, in 1980, it declined to 9.21 times per year and in 2010, it further declined to 6.11 times per year.

The reduction of horses that are being thoroughbred has been the major reason for reduction of field sizes. This has had a crucial, direct impact on the money that people wager in today’s races. The research outlined negative handle results, six years in a row, with there being a decline of 7.3% in 2010. Some enthusiastic bettors don’t find it exhilarating anymore. Many of them are yearning for races with larger field sizes. This even makes it relatively hard to choose a bet. So, chances are that you will bet on a number of horses. Now what happens when the field consists of six horses? One is most likely to bet on just one horse. It’s time to go back to the larger field races. Not only to improve the overall handle and purses but also to bring back the lost fun and excitement in the magnificent equestrian sport.

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Headache: Mom, Dad, My Head Hurts

Just as with any other medical visit, good clinicians ask plenty of questions when confronted with a child who has a headache.

Older kids, able to express themselves, can give some account of the degree of discomfort, the severity of a headache, how long it lasts, and how often they have it. Parents or other caregivers can provide answers for younger kids who can’t express the symptoms of their headaches.

Asking about sleeping patterns, social stressors, eating and drinking habits are an important part of getting to the bottom of why children and adolescents have a headache.

  • How children show they have a headache

“Mom, my head hurts.” “Dad, I have a headache.” These are some of the many ways that children show that they have a headache.

Many of these children will quickly forget about their headaches and resume playing, but may complain again in the course of the day, the next day or a week later. Most parents or caregivers listen to such a complaint, ask routine questions, and try to offer emotional comfort or search in the medicine drawer for pain relief medicines.

From the corner of their eye, most parents watch the child who complained of a headache. They would be looking for signs demonstrating pain: unusual quietness, not participating in the play, refusing to eat, crying, and hands clutching the head. If they don’t have a thermometer to check for fever, parents or caregivers often put the back of their hands on the child’s forehead or cheek. A headache that occurs during fever usually goes away when the fever does.

  • Examination

Obtaining information is one of the most vital functions of a clinician in finding out more about a headache. Measuring blood pressure, checking eye reflexes and focus, looking into the depth of the eyeballs and testing relevant nerves and muscles may give the clinician a clue to the probable cause of a headache. Above all, obtaining detailed information on the character of a headache is the most useful part of the examination.

Headache sufferers may have to undergo a further test. Imaging of the brain-MRI, magnetic resonance imaging-will look for structural abnormalities, such as tumors or aneurysm of blood vessels in the brain.

  • Treatment for headaches

Parents can alleviate many headaches in their children by giving analgesics, or pain relievers, such as Tylenol, paracetamol, or ibuprofen.

Children with constant, recurrent or severe headaches should see a physician. Any headache that keeps a sufferer from sleeping warrants further investigation by an experienced clinician.

Some headaches don’t respond to common analgesic treatments. Triptans are an example of a group of drugs useful in the treatment of acute attacks of migraine, for example.

Preventative medicine such as Cyproheptadine (brand name Periactin) is necessary if a headache is chronic and debilitating, causing children to miss several days per month from school.

Ten tips and recommendations to combat headaches

  • Explore, address and remove social stressors in the family, work, and school environment.
  • First, get enough sleep, eight to ten hours each night.
  • Second, remove or switch off the television, computer, and cell phone at bedtime.
  • Next, avoid earphones; don’t blast music into your eardrums.
  • It is also important to stay away from foods and drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and soda, and to drink a lot of water.
  • Learn head and neck relaxation techniques.
  • Eat healthy, plant-based food. Exercise regularly.
  • Seek and stay in a quiet room until a headache subsides.
  • Use a journal to document the character of your headache. Share the journal with the clinician in your next visit.
  • Build a positive sense of self-esteem.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases but is merely based on the author’s experience. Readers should consult their physician before implementing any part of the suggestions.

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Great Ways to Finding Overseas Construction Jobs

More people nowadays prefer working overseas due to higher compensation. If you are one of those in the architectural or engineering field, there is a chance you can work for construction companies abroad. Overseas construction jobs are in demand because there never seems to run out of construction projects. As you know, construction companies are the ones responsible for building or for putting up infrastructures.

In this industry, there are three types of construction; namely:

1. Building

2. Heavy or civil

3. Industrial

In the construction business, open job positions are skilled or unskilled structural engineers, civil engineers, laborers and building services engineers as well as architects, quantity surveyors and project managers.

Here are some tips on how to find construction jobs overseas:

  • ? There is a chance to learn work on-site and grow in the job too. There are many professions like that of structural metal workers, plumbing, fitting, electrician and drilling work which need people.
  • ? There is numerous overseas construction jobs available at the moment with a large number of infrastructure projects being initiated everywhere. A huge variety of construction jobs would be available in such a case in building constructions, construction related to transportation industry, mechanical and electrical constructions and excavation and foundation constructions.

If you are looking for construction jobs overseas you can take help from job consultancies which can provide information about the kind of jobs available abroad, the expected salaries and the minimum qualifications for eligibility.

You will need various documents and proofs in place which have to be submitted to get the required permissions to work abroad. Make sure that you also have the work permit or license that is required to work in a foreign country. One must take care not to be exploited by fake consultancies which exploit and cheat people for their money with false promises of providing work to them.

One thing you have to keep in mind is to double check the salary that you are expected to earn and how it compares to the standard of living in that place. If the expenses are high and the salary isn’t at par with it, you will be barely able to make ends meet. Although a lot of it is physical effort, there is scope for better opportunities too once you arrive there and survey the opportunities for employment in overseas construction jobs. In such a case, it doesn’t make much of a sense to go there. On the other hand you can go for it if it allows you to earn more and save the excess.

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Simple Resume Mistakes to Avoid

What you need to remember is that when you come to apply for a job, your resume is their first impression of you. You might be the best person for the job, but if your resume doesn’t showcase this in the right way, then you will seriously dent your chances of being successful.

One of the main things that you need to avoid is spelling mistakes and grammatical errors throughout your resume. You need to check and double check your resume to make sure that everything in it is correct. You will often find that even the simplest of mistakes will rule you out of the running for a job. Remember that it is likely a number of people will be applying for the same job so the person in charge of applications will be looking for reasons to take people out of the running – you want to make sure you don’t give them one!

Also make sure that your resume is precise when it comes to job experience and skills. You don’t want to be too general. You need to give them a reason to hire you so selling yourself is a must when it comes to your resume. Include information of previous jobs and the skills that these positions have taught you.

It can be tricky but try not to make your resume too general, or ‘one size fits all.’ If you are applying for different jobs, then you may need to tweak each version of your resume slightly to sell yourself for each of the different job types that you are applying for. That way you can be sure that when you are applying for different job positions you know that your resume is as relevant as possible and gives you the best chance of success.

The presentation of your resume is also important. Along with it reading well and including the right information, you need to make sure that it is pleasing to the eye. Remember that they will be reading many different resumes so you need to make sure that yours stands out for all the right reasons. Keeping your resume clean and tidy, you want it to include all of the information that is needed without it being too cluttered and busy. Add a little color or a graph of your recent sales numbers, etc. You need to give them a reason to read your resume and by making it look like hard work to read you are ruining your chances before you even start.

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Three Mediums of Supernatural Healing

The gift of healing is one of the numerous gifts of the spirit listed in 1st Corinthians 12:9- “to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gift of healing by that one Spirit,” It is pertinent to note here, that there are two types of healing- physical and supernatural healing. The former has a strong root in the later as illustrated in several scriptures in the Holy Bible.

There are various medium through which one can receive this wonderful gift from above. I have experienced virtually some of the things I will be sharing in this article and it will delight readers to note that they are real.

The anointing oil

The anointing oil is a medium that carries the awesome power and presence of God. The power does not reside in the ordinary olive oil, but in the anointing that is impacted on the oil through the prayer of a believer. In the Old Testament, every King was expected to be anointed by a Prophet using the instrumentality of the anointing oil.

What the anointing oil does in the life of an individual, who is sick, is that it breaks the yoke of infirmity and destroys the chain of sickness holding the individual captive. It is clearly stated in the book of James 5:14-“Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the lord”

The mantle

A mantle is a piece of clothing used for covering, which was made popular in the Old Testament by the Prophets. They made use of the mantle as an instrument of miracle, signs and wonders. As in the case of the anointing oil, a mantle that is anointed by God’s servant carries with it some measure of healing power. Some years back, the General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God Pastor E.A Adeboye prophetically prayed upon various mantles brought before the altar of God.

Few days later, a lady who was present in that gathering took the anointed mantle and laid it upon the head of her brother who was insane. The man received instant healing from insanity via the power of the anointed mantle. It remains one of the potent medium through which believers access other divine blessings.


Salt is a common substance which is normally used for seasoning and cooking in homes. It however has some healing benefits as illustrated in the book of 2nd Kings 2:21- “And he went forth unto the springs of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, Thus says the Lord, I have healed these waters” The salt is a spiritual source of healing and deliverance from all forms of oppressions and ailments. When used in faith, it can be used to break the yoke of barrenness and disease.

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A Practical Survival Guide to the Recession

The recession has hit just about every other industry and many people experienced paycuts and layoffs – much to their dismay, as they have been hardworking and conscientious workers. It is not their fault but feeling disheartened, anxious or panicky is counter-productive.

The natural reaction for these people is to worry about the future. This may cause them to adopt knee-jerk reactions about their finances which are detrimental to their retirement goals. The practical way to survive a recession is to assess your financial situation calmly and act accordingly.

In any recession, cash is king as the economy tends to spiral into deflation due to a lack of consumer demand. For families in shaky financial condition or uncertain employment, it is wise to put away more money into emergency savings. The shakier your job, the more conservative you should be about your finances.

If your paycheck is steady and secure, then hammer away at your credit-card debts. Try to use less credit whenever possible. If you are out shopping and have sufficient cash to pay, stick to that. Don’t open an in-store account just to get a discount. When your monthly credit card bills come due, pay them off on time, instead of making only the minimum payments. You will only dig a deeper debt hole by snowballing your debts.

Manage your credit wisely and check your credit report often. You should aim to keep your credit score high to get better interest rates to obtain new credit in the future. More importantly, this is the time when credit card companies unleash their predatory claws. Those with low credit scores are especially vulnerable and have to struggle harder to cope with their financial woes.

But even if your credit score is respectable, you can expect credit card issuers to raise their rates and curtail your credit limit. If this happens to you, raise a formal complaint to the credit card company and let them know you plan to close the account if the rate is not lowered. Usually, they will give way if your account is in good standing for a long period of time.

On the whole, I am not against the use of credit cards. They offer solid protection on online transactions and credit cards with their cash back bonuses and reward points are a great way to save some money. Just make sure that the card does not charge you any annual fees.

You can continue to spend and invest but they should be re-evaluated to occupy a smaller proportion of your income. I don’t suggest you dump all your investments, regardless of fundamentals. Changing your investment mix and make sure they are right for the times will suffice.

Never put all your eggs into one basket. That is a basic investing rule for either a bull or bear market. Diversify your investments between sectors and also different classes of assets like stocks, bonds, gold, funds, fixed income and cash.

Next, review your Individual Retirement Account or company 401(k) investment plan. There are Ponzi schemes (look no further than the trusty Bernard Madoff) which may have offered you high and steady yields in good times but they are likely to go bust in a market downturn. Your retirement account must be conservative. I don’t know about you, but I can accept zero returns but not zero principal for my retirement fund.

To help you make the right financial decisions, you should also monitor financial news closely to keep up with the latest happenings in the economy. Pay attention to any new tax laws that may help or affect you. Be adaptable as change often comes with trying times.

The more you stay in touch with the news and information around you the easier this will be. Lastly, have a solid backup plan with an emergency fund to withstand 6-8 months of expenses. You won’t go wrong with this adage in life: “Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

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Discover the Different Living Benefits of Life Insurance

While the majority of the individuals will invest in a life insurance coverage typically to offer death benefit proceeds, but life insurance policies of late have introduced some alternate concepts pertaining to how insureds are capable of using the policies funds when they are alive. This is known as the living benefits of the policy. Life insurance policies are no longer used only after the demise of a person, but now the policy benefits has been more customized for various other needs which is helping people to use their policies for their different needs and goals.

The living benefits also called as the accelerated death benefits may be included in the life insurance policy as a rider during the purchase or afterwards. Such advantages will enable terminally ill people in accessing a part of the proceeds of their insurance death benefit before their demise.

Following the increasing health care expenditure, the majority of the people is faced with terrible financial hardship during their difficult times. As a person has to face the difficulty both emotionally and physically, the financial assistance which funds from the living benefits of the policy can offer will serve as a welcome relief. Such funds, along with relieving the stress on a person will also relieve the stress of the loved ones.

A policy holder will be capable of accessing their living benefits for the following,

• Suffering from a terminal disease and their demise may take place shortly

• Will be confined to a hospital or nursing home permanently

• Not capable of performing specific activities of day to day living via their own

• Have been diagnosed with a specific catastrophic disease or needs special medical care like an organ transplant

• Needs constant life support services

The benefits from a life insurance policy typically can be accessed through a policy loan or a policy surrender. Living benefits in essence serve as a form of lien against life insurance policies. It will cut down the death benefits which are actually payable to beneficiaries as well as cut down the sum which is accessible for loans along with the policy’s cash value. In fact the lien will be equivalent to the payment amount of the living benefits which the policyholder will get along with accrued interest. With life insurance policies continuing to evolve, the advantages which are provided through such plans is likely to persist to offer for the changing and unique requirements of the policy holders and on a broader scale.

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Fatal Flaws in Your Business Plan

A business plan is the blueprint that guides aspiring entrepreneurs as they build their new business ventures. From 2008 – 2010, I taught a 20-week business plan writing course at an SBA-affiliated women’s business development organization. We met for three hours each week and students wrote their plans week by week, guided by the lessons.

When evaluating a business concept, unrealistic expectations or flawed thinking could creep in and undermine the planning. Excitement about the idea might distort one’s ability to see potential obstacles. What follows are scenarios that entrepreneurs-in-the-making should beware.

Unrealistic expectations

While it is sometimes true that using yourself as the ideal customer is a smart idea, since you understand the value and availability of that product or service, you might misinterpret the size of the market and the traction that can be achieved beyond a select group of true believers.

Insufficient information

Confirm the need for your products or services when you research and verify the number of potential customers who have the money and motive to buy from you.

Furthermore, make sure that you understand the buying process. Who green-lights the sale? What is the sweet spot price range? Lastly, where do potential customers obtain these products or services now?

Access to customers

Access to customers is everything and some industries or target customers seem impenetrable. You may identify the right customers, understand how your products or services fit their needs and know how to price and deliver. But if potential customers do not have the confidence to work with you because you lack an endorsement from a trusted source, you’ll starve.

Overestimating cash-flow

Usually, businesses won’t achieve desirable gross sales and or show a net profit in the first year of operations. Businesses that require high start-up costs especially will require long ramping-up periods. The business plan must acknowledge the potential for negative cash-flow and demonstrate how fixed and variable expenses will be met during that time. One must know how inventory will be financed, payroll will be met and office rent will be paid.

When writing your business plan, conservative financial projections are strongly advised. Customer acquisition may take longer than expected and the size of their purchases may initially be small. Moreover, it’s possible for a venture to be profitable on paper and still suffer from cash-flow problems, if customers do not pay on time.

Underestimating start-up costs

Developing a reasonable estimate of how much it will cost to get the venture up and running is essential. You must be prepared to meet the cost of all permits, equipment, inventory and staffing necessary to conduct business. If you plan to hire employees, it’s important to have a good idea of your minimum staffing needs up front (you can hire more as revenues increase).

“Magical thinking” business model

The business model illustrates how your venture will become profitable. Well thought-out interactions between marketing, financial and operations processes will promote and sustain profitability and you must map out how these will occur. The business model describes the core functions of the venture.

Likewise, the value proposition of your products or services must be articulated. The overall marketing strategy and selected tactics and resources that will promote the value proposition—intellectual property, patent rights, key relationships, or capital—will be accounted for. Sales distribution channels will be detailed.

Getting to Plan B (2009), by Randy Komisar and John Mullins, details the key business model components and advises business plan writers to segment their models into sub-headings:

  • The Revenue Model, to describe what you’ll sell, your marketing plans and how you expect to generate revenue
  • The Operating Model, to detail where you’ll do business and how day-to-day operations will function
  • The Working Capital model, meaning the business cash-flow requirements. Understanding cash-flow helps you know when money will be available to meet expenses like rent and payroll (it is distinct from revenue). A business can generate adequate revenue (sales) and still suffer from cash-flow problems.

Your business model will keep you organized and your priorities realistic. Matters such as quality control, collecting accounts receivable, inventory management and identifying strategic partners will mean much more than your number of Facebook followers, for example. Best of luck to you and your new business!

Thanks for reading,


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The Ascot of the East

Roy Richwine bought the property that is now known as Williams Grove Speedway in 1937. It was formerly known as the Grangers Picnic Fairgrounds. The first race was held on May 21, 1939. Joey Chitwood Sr set the fast time on that day by finishing a lap in 26.03 seconds. Tommy Hinnershitz won the forty lap feature, winning $400. The Flying Farmer won 19 sprint car races at the track, competing into the late 1950’s! He also won 7 Eastern sprint car championships and enjoyed a top ten finish at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The only NASCAR Cup race at the Grove took place on June 27, 1954. It was won by Herb Thomas, leading 150 of the 200 laps, in a 1954 Hudson. Leading the other 50 laps and finishing in second was pole winner Dick Rathmann, Hershel McGriff was third. Other notable drivers were Buck Baker, Lee Petty, Dizzy Dean, Ralph Ligouri and Hilly Rife.

July 29, 1951 became known as “Black Sunday.” Two drivers, Cecil Green and Bill Mackey, were killed in back to back qualifying runs at Winchester, Indiana. Also that day Walt Brown was killed at the Grove. He spun in the second turn while qualifying his car #29. It rolled over and Brown died at the Carlisle Hospital later that day. Eleven other drivers, in addition to 1 official and 1 spectator have lost their lives at the track.

The Grove has a connection to the Indianapolis 500. The latest connection is that of driver PJ Chesson, who participated in the event. Indy winners with sprint car wins at the track include George Robson (1946), Bill Holland (1949), Johnny Parsons Sr (1950), Troy Ruttman (1952), Pat Flaherty (1956), Jimmy Bryan (1958), AJ Foyt (1961, 64, 67, and 77), and Parnelli Jones (1962). Jan Opperman, Joey Chitwood Sr, Johnny Thomson, Duke Nalon, Duane Carter Sr, Eddie Sachs, Rodger McCluskey, and Elmer George (whose family still owns IMS) have sprint car wins here. Ted Horn won 14 sprint car (then known as “big car”) races here in addition to 3 National Driving Championships (1946-48)! He was killed at DuQuoin, IL in 1948 but had enough points to win the title.

Jack Gunn was the track announcer and then took over as the promoter. He added Selinsgrove, Penn National, and Hagerstown to his list of promotional efforts. Gunn, whose last name was actually Gunnells, attended the Milton Hershey School for orphans along with brother Trim. Trim owned a garage business in Lebanon, PA and was a car owner at the track for many years. Jack won the Promoter of the Year in 1979, and passed away in 1980. Gunn is responsible for bringing in the nations best drivers to race in central Pennsylvania. He is in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

Since sprint car racing began on a weekly basis in 1967, Fred Rahmer has become the most successful driver, winning 83 races. Lance Dewease has 75 wins, Donnie Kreitz Jr has 54 victories, and Keith Kauffman enjoyed 51 wins. Kauffman has the most wins in a season with 13 in 1984!

The speedway has long straights and tight turns. It was supposedly modeled after the Legion Ascot Speedway in California. It is also known for its spectator bridge which reaches over the backstretch into the infield. There is a tunnel under the track at the first turn which connects the frontstretch fans to the infield. Long gone are the infield starter’s stand and the covered frontstretch grandstands. Did you know at one time there was a landing strip for airplanes outside of the backstretch of the track?

Williams Grove Speedway is referenced in a Hollywood movie. The 1949 movie is called “The Big Wheel” starring Mickey Rooney as driver “Billy Coy.” After getting into trouble on the west coast tracks, he heads east. A newspaper headline is shown with him winning at the Grove. He later makes it to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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